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Update Security Update!
27 days ago

Hey Gamers!

Today I present you with an epic forums security update!

I won't bore you with a massive paragraph full of useless updates, but here I have outlined a few important security updates that will benefit everyone:

  • Google reCAPTCHA Integration: We have implemented Google's reCAPTCHA v2 into our registration page. This means that all new accounts will be required to solve a short puzzle before creating an account to ensure that there are no malicious attacks on our site. The box should show up just under the registration fields and as soon as you have solved it, you won't have anymore issues!
  • Email Login: We have also changed our login type to e...
Important Mod Applications
3 months ago


We are currently looking for new active moderators on TechCraft and therefore, our applications are once again open!

If you would like to apply, please read the requirements (Click here) and then fill out the application form (Click here).

Once submitted, you will receive a response within 5-7 days.

Good luck!

Important Account Information
4 months ago

Account Deletion

If you would like to delete your account, please message TechyGaming, or create a thread called "Delete my account" confirming that you would like your account deleted.

Information Updates

If you would like any account information updated, please private message TechyGaming through the forums with the field you would like to change and what you would like it changed to. Note: We cannot change passwords.

Most information can be changed by you at any time at:...

Important Forum Rules
4 months ago

Forum Rules

  • Please do not spam new threads.
  • Please do not reply to inactive threads. (Threads are considered inactive after having no replies in 10 days. Replying to an inactive thread will cause it to be locked.)
  • Please do not swear.
  • Please do not use inappropriate comments. (Including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobism, political opinions, etc.)
Important Season 4 Delay
4 months ago

We are unfortunately going to have to delay the season 4 update. The update will now take place on the 10th at the same time as before.

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