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Update v6.0.0 Network Changelog
11 months ago

Slightly delayed because of maintenance, but finally, here you go:

Hey gamers, We've finally finished working on the new Season 6 update, and it's packed full of nice features! Here's a full changelog of what's new, modified, and removed:


  • Migrated hosts to allow for better functionality and performance.
  • Staff team changes. - Staff process changes.
  • New staff rank known as 'Platform Admin' which has access to core systems to allow faster bug fixes and bug/glitch abuse prevention.
  • Punishments are now more consistent.
  • Code optimizations.
  • Slightly modified how our VPN blocker works. (We accept that some people use a strategy called 'VP...
Update Season 6 released!
12 months ago

Hey gamers,

Season 6 has now been released on TechCraft! We've put a lot of time and effort into this update so we hope you enjoy it! A full changelog will be available soon but for now, don't miss an opportunity to take advantage of the 2.25x Warzone coin booster!

This update is very heavily Practice focused, meaning that there are lots of cool things there to check out such as Bot Fights; Ranked Queues; Duels; Parties; Events; and much more!

Thanks, Techy


Important TechCraft Host Migration
about 1 year ago

Hey gamers,

During the month of October, we will be working on migrating the majority of the TechCraft Network to a new host. We're doing this for many reasons, such as better server hardware, better features, and just better value for money in general. While we're doing this, we also have a good opportunity to implement new features, rewrite some of our core systems, and slightly improve how the network works as a whole. This work has already started and should be finished sometime during October. This also means that we get to have a bit of fun on the old server, as the new server will be a complete replica which we can switch over to pretty much instantly. Because of this, it means that we can have fun completely destroying...

Important Large Scale Maintenance
about 1 year ago

Hey Gamers,

Over the next few days, we will be reconfiguring some of our networks. Although we could technically complete this maintenance without restricting players, it would take a lot more time and would cause much more disruption as we would have to update stats whilst being careful not to corrupt any files.

This maintenance should release some cool things so we look forward to releasing them.

Also just whilst we're on the subject of updates, if you would like to help test new features to ensure there is no bugs, glitches or errors, you can sign up to be a beta tester at

Thanks :)


P.S; We added 1.17 support, but I forgot to men...

Update 1.16 Support
about 1 year ago

Hey Gamers!

This is just a quick announcement to say that TechCraft now supports all client versions ranging from 1.8.x - 1.16.x. Obviously, as always, this is brand new and may contain some bugs. Our development team doesn't have enough time to test every feature on every client version, so we would appreciate if you reported any bugs to us via


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