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Frequently Asked Questions

What Minecraft versions can I use on TechCraft?

Currently, our servers only support versions 1.8.1 - 1.8.9 however, we are looking into supporting other versions in future seasons!

I was banned on TechCraft, am I eligible to appeal?

All banned players are eligible to appeal. If you would like to appeal your ban, you may do so at
If you do not have a forums account, you will be prompted to create one.I was muted on TechCraft, am I eligible to appeal?

I was muted on TechCraft, am I eligible to appeal?

Unfortunately, you cannot appeal a mute. In order for a staff member to mute you, they have to have substantial evidence that you have broken a rule; Therefore, you cannot appeal a mute.

My forums account was banned, am I allowed to create another?

This depends on what type of ban you have been issued. If you were issued with a regular ban, you are allowed to create another under a different Minecraft account. If you were issued with an IP ban, you are not allowed to create another account.

I found an inappropriate post on the forums, can I report it?

Yes. Underneath the post, there will be a darker strip containing their username, when the message was posted, and two buttons. One of these buttons has the icon of an exclamation mark (!) inside a triangle. By pressing this button, you may report the post to an administrator

If you have another question that has not been listed here, please do not hesitate to ask on our Discord, or in this form.