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TechCraft is currently in maintenance mode as we reconfigure some of our systems to improve functionality. You can find more detailed information and progress updates on our Discord server: Thank you for your patience!




Hey! I tried playing the server in ViveCraft (A VR mod for Minecraft) and gosh the maps look so pretty with shaders, (no I didn't use this for advantage, no one else was online) I went through all the maps and its really sad that not many people play on the server anymore, all of the staff team and me I think should try and revive the server because its really sad to see all the effort from Techy gone to only getting like 1/2 players a week :(


about 1 year ago
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about 1 month ago
Server Reviving!

Hey guys! I really think we should try and bring the community back together by hosting weekly events on the server through discord, I remember some events before and they were really fun and its a shame not many people play on the server anymore! What do you think? 🤔