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i want m mold plz
Unfortunately our staff applications are currently closed.
Hey Techy Can I have elite rank on your server? it would make up for the denied mod
Unfortunately that isn't how it works, Sorry.
you are better than hypixel baby
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Why can I post on his wall?
a lot of forums you can do that
techy is a cool kid


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about 1 year ago
v6.0.0 Network Changelog


about 1 year ago
v6.0.0 Network Changelog

Slightly delayed because of maintenance, but finally, here you go:

Hey gamers, We've finally finished working on the new Season 6 update, and it's packed full of nice features! Here's a full changelog of what's new, modified, and removed:


  • Migrated hosts to allow for better functionality and performance.
  • Staff team changes. - Staff process changes.
  • New staff rank known as 'Platform Admin' which has access to core systems to allow faster bug fixes and bug/glitch abuse prevention.
  • Punishments are now more consistent.
  • Code optimizations.
  • Slightly modified how our VPN blocker works. (We accept that some people use a strategy called 'VPN glitching' when connecting from certain countries - We are in the process of trying to prevent this from being necessary however please contact us if you need a whitelist; Your whitelist will be removed if you are banned.)
  • Rule updates. (Please see
  • Reduced connection time for the majority of players.
  • Bug fixes and other quality of life improvements.
  • New network levelling system. (Earn EXP by winning Practice matches, killing players in Warzone, or by winning Events)
  • New EXP rewards for logging in, and liking the server on NameMC.
  • Now receive tokens when levelling up.
  • New /level command to check network level and tokens.
  • Optimized database connections for better performance and faster data retrieval.


  • Added a 'Network Rewards' NPC.
  • Slightly modified the hub map.
  • Adjusted some core code to allow for better functionality.
  • Removed some legacy code from previous updates which was forgotten about.
  • Removed some debug messages which would occasionally send.
  • Swapped the dye colours for the hide players item to make more logical sense.


  • Changed god apple cooldown to 3 hours.
  • Added a broadcast for when a player consumes a god apple.
  • Updated voting rewards.
  • Split the /shop into Warzone items and Network items. (Ranks will be available to purchase for tokens in the near future)
  • Slight changes to /shop prices.
  • Slight modification to items being sold in /shop.
  • Reset all stats.
  • Reset the entire economy.
  • Reset ender chests and inventories for all players.


  • We now have both Unranked and Ranked queues.
  • Added bot fights. (4 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Hacker)
  • Added a requirement for players to join Ranked queues.
  • /duel is now more stable.
  • Added more unranked queue types (NoDebuff, Debuff, HCF, Build UHC, Combo, Gapple, Soup, Sumo, Sumo Bo3, No Enchant, Spleef, Axe, SG, Log, Boxing, Stick Fight, Pearl Fight, Bedwars, No Healing)
  • Added more ranked queue types (NoDebuff, Debuff, Build UHC, Gapple, Soup, Combo, Sumo, Sumo Bo3, HCF, Axe, Log, Boxing, Stick Fight, Pearl Fight, Bedwars, No Healing)
  • Added a replay system. (This may be used whilst processing reports)
  • New spawn map.
  • Scoreboard updates.
  • Tablist updates.
  • New per-kit layout editor.
  • New server-wide events. (Certain ranks can host events)
  • Added automatic events. (Every hour - Subject to change)
  • Added parties.
  • Added party vs party fights.
  • Added a 2v2 Ranked & Unranked queue for parties.
  • Added a party chat channel.
  • Added an 'Open Parties' option for media ranks. (With broadcasts, and custom player limits)
  • Added party replays.
  • Added party split fights. (Splits your party into 2 teams)
  • Added party vs bots fights (1 bot per party member)
  • Added party FFA fights. (Party free for all fights)
  • Added player settings menu. (Scoreboard settings, Duel settings, Language settings)
  • Added leaderboards. (/leaderboard)
  • Reset all stats.

Event: As the event server is still being developed, no changes are being logged as everything is subject to change.

about 1 year ago
Season 6 released!

Hey gamers,

Season 6 has now been released on TechCraft! We've put a lot of time and effort into this update so we hope you enjoy it! A full changelog will be available soon but for now, don't miss an opportunity to take advantage of the 2.25x Warzone coin booster!

This update is very heavily Practice focused, meaning that there are lots of cool things there to check out such as Bot Fights; Ranked Queues; Duels; Parties; Events; and much more!

Thanks, Techy


about 1 year ago
TechCraft Host Migration

Hey gamers,

During the month of October, we will be working on migrating the majority of the TechCraft Network to a new host. We're doing this for many reasons, such as better server hardware, better features, and just better value for money in general. While we're doing this, we also have a good opportunity to implement new features, rewrite some of our core systems, and slightly improve how the network works as a whole. This work has already started and should be finished sometime during October. This also means that we get to have a bit of fun on the old server, as the new server will be a complete replica which we can switch over to pretty much instantly. Because of this, it means that we can have fun completely destroying the server with no real side effects. If you want to get involved in this, be sure to join our Discord server ( and check the "Events" menu for a date and time (unconfirmed as of right now, however, expected to be anytime from the 10th - 15th).

What will migration mean for players? To be perfectly honest, pretty much nothing apart from slightly better server performance, and slightly different ping. However, in the big picture, quite a lot will change. We will be introducing new processes for staff to make punishments and moderation more consistent on the network, as well as improving other automated systems around the network to improve security, and player experience. We will also be completely resetting bans, mutes, warnings, and all other punishment history meaning that you can have a clean slate to start again with. Furthermore, we will be resetting Warzone as well as introducing some quality of life changes such as item shop updates, cooldown updates, and client integration updates. We will also be releasing the long-awaited Practice update which will contain bot fights, ranked games, duels, and much, much more. And finally, the events update: We will be rolling out beta tester access to the event server to test out our new event core ready for its full release at a later date. There's a lot to look forward to after migration, trust me.

Final Notes And now for the stuff that I still like to mention, but nobody really cares about. Don't worry, I'll try and gloss over all of this fairly quickly.

  • We'll be introducing a new "Platform Admin" rank on the server, listing above Admin, and below Manager/Developer. This rank will have access to solve some more major issues on the network, such as server crashes and large-scale boosting/economy & crate abusing bugs.
  • We'll be introducing new rewards on the server such as liking us on NameMC (which you should totally do by the way) to receive a yet-to-be-decided reward.
  • We'll be resetting the economy on all servers to work on some balancing updates.
  • We'll hopefully be working on some nice Discord updates. (I don't want to spoil anything yet just in case it turns out to not happen, but it'll be pretty cool if it does)

Thanks for reading, be sure to join our Discord server for event times (, Techy :)

about 1 year ago
Large Scale Maintenance

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