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Thanks for asking just stabbing peep for fun wbu? ( bridge hypixel before u comment )


4 months ago
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4 months ago
I recently was...

the LOL at the end tho ( jokes aside the best of luck to you and i hope you get though it and all will be good in the end! )

4 months ago
We can all agree toast is the best food but whats second best

Potato is #1 change mind

4 months ago
Whats your favorite type of potato?

Personally mashed potatos with gravy wbu? if you say you dont like potatos you are wrong

4 months ago
first off topic post to look cool

carpets are like worsier flying carpets

4 months ago
My first post

Now this is epic ;D hi welcome to the forums hope your day is going well this is my first forum post!. I hope you all enjoy your stay ( msg me if u are confused on anything or other admin+ staff ) have a great day!


memedank70 was here! o.o