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Large Scale Maintenance

TechCraft is currently in maintenance mode as we reconfigure some of our systems to improve functionality. You can find more detailed information and progress updates on our Discord server: Thank you for your patience!


Welcome to the TechCraft rules page!
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Note: Failiure to follow these rules may result in a punishment.

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General Rules

1. Do not disrespect, lie to, or mislead staff. Do not lie to, tell false information to, or disrespect any staff members.
2. Do not disrespect, harass, or violate the privacy of other players. Do not harass, ask for personal information, or disrespect any other members.
3. Do not DDoS, make DDoS threats, or encourage/engage in any form of DDoS comedy or threats. Do not DDoS players, servers, or make jokes about DDoS attacks.
4. Do not Doxx, make Doxx threats, or encourage/engage in any form of Doxxing comedy or threats. Do not Doxx players, or make jokes about Doxxing.
5. Do not use a VPN or Proxy. Do not use a VPN or Proxy to evade a punishment.
6. Do not share accounts. Shared accounts will be banned automatically to prevent stat boosting, item boosting, or any other forms of unfair advantages.
7. Do not troll players. Do not troll, give fake deals, or purposely irritate or single out a member. You will be severely punished for this.
8. Do not obstruct players. Do not obstruct players by getting in their way, trapping them, or any other form of obstruction.
9. Do not obstruct servers. Do not obstruct servers by preventing them from operating, preventing features from working, or any other form of obstruction.
10. Do not create lag. Do not create TPS (server), FPS (client), or Ping (network) lag.
11. Do not crash servers. Do not crash servers using exploits. You will be permanently IP banned if you break this rule.
12. Do not use an inappropriate Minecraft username. If we feel your username is not appropriate, we will permanently ban you. You may appeal this once the name is changed.
13. Do not evade punishments. Do not evade punishments by using a different account, this will lead to a permanent IP ban.

Communication Rules

1. Do not use racist comments. Do use any form of racist comments. They will not be tolerated in the slightest.
2. Do not use sexist comments. Do use any form of sexist comments. They will not be tolerated in the slightest.
3. Do not use homophobic comments. Do use any form of homophobic comments. They will not be tolerated in the slightest.
4. Do not post any religious views or comments. Do not post any form of religious comments, opinions, or views.
5. Do not post any political opinions or views. Do not post any form of political comments, opinions, or views.
6. Do not swear. Do not use swears, curse words, or any other form of profane language.
7. Do not advertise. Do not advertise servers, social media, or post any form of promotional content. Media ranks may post YouTube, Twitch & Mixer links only.
8. Do not post inappropriate links. Do not post phishers, IP grabbers, pornographic/violent/threatening/malicious, or any other form of inappropriate content.
9. Do not spam. Do not repeat messages more than 3 times, rapidly post messages, or repeatedly spam commands.
10. Do not hackusate. Do not call someone out for cheating. If you are suspicious of a player's skill level, use /report.

Gameplay Rules

1. Do not cheat. Do not use unfair advantages such as hacked clients, macros, auto-clickers, glitches, or exploits.
2. Do not endorse, assist, or encourage cheaters. Do not help or encourage others to cheat.
3. Do not exploit bugs/glitches. Do not abuse/exploit a map, plugin, or server bug/glitch. If you find a bug, please report it to the development team immediately.
4. Do not team excessively. Do not team with more than 1 other player at a time.